Welcome to MetaWhale World!

Bringing you the most
refined & innovative
NFT solutions.

The Metaverse

We have also launched our alpha version of our game which soon will be a part of the Metaverse.

Welcome to MetaWhale World!

Bringing you the most refined & innovative NFT solutions.

Enter here to explore the NFT Museum for a profound experience.

About us

MetaWhale- A Blockchain Based Virtual Gaming & NFT Metaverse.

A virtual gaming platform allows players to build and monetize their gaming experiences. It is working on the Binance Blockchain using MTW’s utility Token

Use Cases

Blockchain Based Decentralized Games

We all know the history of video gaming from being a diversion, taking your mind off a hard day's work, to today using blockchain technologies like NFTs to reward gamers

NFT Museum

There are many reasons why people visit museums. Some want to learn about the past, while others are curious about the country they are visiting or want to enjoy art and culture. In addition, museums are great for meeting new people, learning how our ancestors lived and expanding our minds.

Virtual Properties

There's a huge real estate boom taking place in the Metaverse. It doesn't take any special hardware to access the Metaverse. Still, digital real estate investing means exchanging your cash for the platform's cryptocurrency where you're interested in purchasing virtual real estate.

Awesome Team

Rahul Kaushik


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Rahul Pabby



Gunjan Shekhawat


Vishal Raj

Chief Communication Officer


Ulhas Sardesai

Chief Finance Strategist


Manish Arora

Chief marketing officer

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