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We have the vision to offer a profoundly immersive metaverse that lets
all the players make a virtual world. We aim to offer actual ownership of
the creation to all existing gamers- NFTs. Every participant is rewarded
with our utility token- MTW.

The centralized control of user-generated content restricts creator
ownership in the current gaming market. The central control over the
trading of virtual goods restricts creators from generating fair values
for their unique arts, creations. It becomes difficult to prove creative
ownership of work significantly as content is altered, copied, and theft.

We overcome these restrictions with the Blockchain adaption to grow
the gaming market. We will make it possible with a gaming platform
that allows creators to play, share, collect, and trade without any central
control. Creators claim copyright ownership with the ability to earn
cryptocurrencies MTW. The copyright ownership will be established with
the use of NFTs.

MetaWhale NFT?


MetaWhale is a virtual platform powered by the Binance Blockchain. It allows users to monetize their content. MetaWhale allows community members to have complete control over the work. Traders can claim ownership of NFTs. The owner of NFT can control the posted content. The content will be range from 3D arts to gaming assets.

We are the decisive factor behind your success

NFT is a rare, non-substitutable, transferable digital asset stored in intelligent
contracts from Binance. These assets can be obtained by issuing a BSC
token called MTW. MTW can also be used for in-world purchases of NFTs
and virtual games.

People are spending more and more time in the virtual world for both leisure
and work. This mainly happens on 2D interfaces such as the web and mobile
phones. However, the traversable 3D world adds immersive components and
neighborhoods to other content, enabling a physical cluster of communities.

In contrast to other virtual worlds and social networks, MetaWhale is not
controlled by a central organization. No agent has been authorized to change
software rules, NFT content, currency economics, or prevent others from
accessing the world. This document describes MetaWhale’s philosophical,
technical, and economic mechanisms



Blockchain technology uses to record the ownership of tokens. It allows owners to trade the assets without any restrictions. In this technology, IPFS (The InterPlanetary File System ) is used to store digital assets. It ensures thatthe asset cannot be changed without the owner’s permission.

Using the Future Technology

We are using the Binance technology for providing many benefits


As of now, It is among the best blockchain protocols. It has wide adoption makes the network validation.

Ease of use

Binance has been made with flexibility that perfectly fits asset tokens.


Binance is a protocol, a base layer that can build all applications to interact easily with each other

Benefits of a Decentralized Blockchain-Based Gaming Platform

The creation of Decentralized Blockchain-based gaming and NFT metaverse platforms offers many benefits. As compared to a Non-Blockchain system, it works great, as demonstrated in the following points

Digital Ownership

Gamers and NFT creators are the perpetual owners of their digital items. It does not matter whether the gamine is running or if the game is shut down. Every gaming and NFT item is tokenized with Blockchain. It enables games to trade, sell or gift items to anyone.


Digital gaming items are tokenized and traded in all markets. Blockchain Technology facilitates it for protection. Items based on scarcity can invite theft and fraud. These risks are prevented on Blockchain because it is a fully distributed ledger system.

Decentralized Trading

Blockchain-based gaming and NFT platforms offer users great control over digital assets. It allows buying and selling items freely without any concern. Moreover, they can trade all items that will be ripped off.

Get Fair Revenues

Identification of Opportunities to Engage Fans

As of today, selling art is the prime use case for NFTs. These use cases can make revenue. However, there are untapped strategic opportunities that might need to be realized.


NFTs are used as a reward for the loyalty mechanism to incentivize the particular person. A customer can buy an NFT in a standard way. They can pay with a card and receive the NFT in their wallet. Comparatively, NFT earns by purchasing at a specific merchant by completing a task.


NFTs combine with event tickets to get access to an event. These tickets offer verified authenticity. Tickets also provide sales or auctions. It even turns digital tickets into commemorative assets.

The NFT space is experiencing new growth opportunities. It is positioned for long-term opportunities for maximizing the values. MTW boosts the fan experience for potential business synergies.

What Are The Use Cases Of MTW?

There should be an alignment on how NFTs will be utilized. It depends on the use cases. There are multiple mechanisms used to create NFTs. Now, check out some of the most critical use cases of NFTs- art, gaming, experiences and


There should be an alignment on how NFTs will be utilized. It depends on the use cases. There are multiple mechanisms used to create NFTs. Now, check out some of the most critical use cases of NFTs- art, gaming, experiences and collectibles.

Content Curation

MetaWhale users gather in areas of common interest. Being near a busy hub, users can access the content of the NF owner.


Brands can use signs to promote their products, services, and events near or on the premises of dynamic properties. For example, some areas can be virtual versions of Times Square in New York City. In addition, brands can deploy products and create shared experiences to connect with their viewers.


The NFTs allow a natural fit for assets or collectibles whose values are based on the Limited supply. Some of the earliest NFT use cases- art, gaming and others.


NFTs provide a significant opportunity for gaming. Users can say thanks to the ownership of opportunities they introduce. As you know, many people spend Billions on Digital gaming assets- Buying skins, costumes. NFTs will allow gamers to play crypto-based games to create their assets and earn assets ingame. Gamers can sell their assets anywhere in the open marketplace.


Groups currently gathered in online forums, chat groups, or other centralized multiplayer games can port their community to MetaWhale. The offline community can also find places to meet at MetaWhale.


NFTs allow artists to sell their work in natural form factor. As opposed to selling art pieces or having to print, the artist can generate revenue with sales or auctions. NFT marketplace is devoted to art-based NFTs to be sold/auctioned.

Use cases

There are no technical specifications regarding what can be incorporated into MetaWhale. Therefore, other use cases such as education and training, education, treatment, 3D design, virtual tourism, etc., may occur.

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