Blockchain Based Decentralized Games.

MetaWhale is bringing to its users a world of fun with play to earn concepts.Blockchain games are fantastic, but the entire ecosystem is now centered on “play-to-earn” and “the metaverse.” Metawhale is a racing Nft game that will enter the Metaverse in VR In the Metawhale game, players can collect virtual cars, drivers, and car parts. Each part is a unique non-fungible token that can be collected, traded, used, or sold individually. In addition, we have created numerous unique and legendary nft cars with multiple abilities for winning the race, sprint, boost, etc.

Competitive racing will be a core element of MetaWhale. Each car has its characteristics. The factors influencing the car’s performance are acceleration, grip, top speed, and luck. Unfortunately, the races are currently shown top-down and have limited gameplay options. The Racing Game provides players with tracks from the official Formula One season that can be accessed through your browser. Before the final race, players compete head-to-head in qualifying sessions. Car and driver composition are critical, as they are in the Time Trial. In addition, the right track necessitates the proper design and the most appropriate tires for the
current weather.

Racing is always a fun experience, especially for those who always seek ways to get the most out of their activities. Some are even ready to go beyond their imaginations, searching for the unlimited thrill and entertainment. Luckily, you can explore such activities without the need to leave the comfort of your home. Yes, we are talking about Virtual online racing games, which can help fill your every moment with the excitement and pleasure you seek during your free time. The thrilling environment provided by the racing games is enough to stimulate your mind and reflexes. Once players get into the Metaverse, they get a car they start to race with. They can easily navigate through racing areas in the Metaverse using the map that will show up on the upper left corner of the navigator. Once a racing spot has been identified, they get into a competitor racing and start to race. Based on the
number of laps you’ve driven and the length of the tracks, you will earn MTW.


Select from a Huge
Choice of Vehicles

Users get a chance to feel and
enjoy the matchless simulation of realistic vehicles when they explore car racing games 3d. It’s amazing to choose from sports cars to
luxury four-wheelers, semi- or
pick-up trucks, and off-road
vehicles to motorbikes. Driving a sports car on a congested street or highway will create an adrenaline
pump in your veins! Get the
pleasure of managing the military transports like tanks in Metawhale!

Many Characters Are There
to Play With

Players have the complete freedom of playing the characters of their own choice. It’s up to them whether they want to be a police offer or have a plan to play the role of spy, taxi driver, or a student. Some also prefer to wear the dress of an auto thief or a valet parking attendant searching for unique fun and thrill. Every role comes as a fine way to help gamers learn
something about the character.

Game Goals Are No

The winning of players in these games depends on reaching the finishing line first. Therefore, good driving skills supported by the
proper concentration is vital to overcoming all the hurdles and winning over the competitors.
Players should collect all the coins and bonuses they notice at the tracks. These coins help gamers upgrade their players and vehicles and search for obtaining stronger ones than before. The higher speed
players will keep their vehicles at, the easier it will become for them to reach their target first.

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