MetaWhale is a virtual platform powered by the Binance Blockchain. It allows users to monetize their content. MetaWhale allows community members to have complete control over the work. Traders can claim ownership of NFTs. The owner of NFT can control the posted content. The content will be range from 3D arts to gaming assets.

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NFT is a rare, non-substitutable, transferable digital asset stored in intelligent contracts from Binance. These assets can be obtained by issuing a BSC token called MTW. MTW can also be used for in-world purchases of NFTs and virtual games.

People are spending more and more time in the virtual world for both leisure and work. This mainly happens on 2D interfaces such as the web and mobile phones. However, the traversable 3D world adds immersive components and neighborhoods to other content, enabling a physical cluster of communities.

In contrast to other virtual worlds and social networks, MetaWhale is not controlled by a central organization. No agent has been authorized to change software rules, NFT content, currency economics, or prevent others from accessing the world. This document describes MetaWhale’s philosophical, technical, and economic mechanisms.

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